GoPro: Shotgun Balloon Drop

GoPro Athlete Erik Roner floats 8,000 feet into the sky in a lawn chair attached to 90 weather balloons. Watch as he pops the balloons with his shotgun and skydives back down to earth.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪

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20 thoughts on “GoPro: Shotgun Balloon Drop

  1. This is how we invade North Korea.

  2. Смысл сначала стрелять в шары, а последним выстрелом в верёвку? 0_о
    Кто потом этот мусор, упавший с неба, будет убирать?

  3. lOl I thought him losing all of the balloons was a mistake :O, thought he
    was just going to shoot a couple to slowly drift back down to the ground.

  4. What would’ve happened if he ran out of shotgun ammo >_>

  5. The Felix Baumgartner of the poor!! When you don’t have Red Bull or big
    sponsor to found you, you have to invent it from yourself!

  6. I hope no one died because of chair falling out from the sky.

  7. Did anyone else cringe when he threw the shotgun and it just smacked into
    the ground???

  8. A joint, a small Bluetooth speaker.. That’s all he was missing up there 

  9. Jesus kid keep your damn finger off the trigger until you are ready to
    shoot. Surprised you didnt shoot yourself. 

  10. just causally laying in the middle of the sky with a shot 

  11. MAYBE you should learn how to shoot a shotgun on the ground before you take
    it up into the air, without a retention sling, and holding it live in
    freefall. Also, don’t drop a live shotgun and please wear some goggles that
    are rated for deflecting shotgun ammo.

    The second amendment is a God-given right, but with it comes your
    responsibility. Please act responsibly so that the rest of us don’t have to
    argue for our constitutional rights. 

  12. How can I do this? Seriously. Who do I call? 

  13. he shoulda taken a CO2 pellet pistol up then take out one or 2 balloons at
    a time and drifted down…probably messed up a perfectly good shotgun
    dropping it 7-8000 feet…


  15. I would be like “cool!! I’m a paratrooper now since I have a shotgun 

  16. This guy is absolutely nuts! really cool though.

  17. He should have plinked a few rodents on the way down

  18. what if something wrong happened before he was even close to being that
    high and all the balloons popped and he hit the ground before being able to
    fully deploy?

  19. I happy for the people who made this video and for the people who enjoyed
    watching it.
    Oh well.

  20. Considering all the POTENTIAL hazards of this endeavor, I supposed free
    falling with a shotgun with the action closed and not SHOWN to be empty is
    not such a big deal. We assume you emptied it and cleared it before you
    chunked it to the ground from 100 feet up……..right?

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