How To Instantly Improve Your Gopro Videos – Tips For Beginners – P.1

In this two part video I show you how to instantly improve your Gopro videos. These tips are mainly for people who are new to Gopros, but a skilled filmmer could also learn a thing or two


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25 thoughts on “How To Instantly Improve Your Gopro Videos – Tips For Beginners – P.1

  1. all i could think of was the awesome sublime in the background

  2. What editing software do you use

  3. Informative but could have been presented a little better. 

  4. Great tips dude. One tip for your videos though, you could’ve made this
    video a 5 minute video instead of 10 minutes if you cut out all the pauses
    and “umm’s” and “errr’s” Just saying :)

  5. you need to be more specific.,.we are beginners so when you say slow it way
    down this do that..say how! i know nothing!! experiment how?? etc

  6. Awesome videos man, stoked that I found your channel, I’ve been learning A
    LOT. cheers :)

  7. Im lost I cant seem to get my hero4 black to take a video that comes close
    to my HTC one, Seriously my damn phone takes a better HD vid than my H4
    black. I tried recording in 4k, 4k superfine, put the vid through the gopro
    software with the Protune on etc. and the final product seriously looks
    like I could have saved 100’s with just using my phone. Really upset that
    something isnt right. I also compared test videos against my dslr resording
    in 1080 HD and without touching anything bam AWESOME video. What is it that
    Im doing wrong,,,,>? I even exported the video in 720, 1080, and 4k to try
    and see the difference NOTHING,,,, what the heck…. seriously not what I
    was expecting, BTW, awesome Vid man. I have been holding off on doing my
    dives till I got this and now Im kinda jacked about the quality…. Anyways
    if someone could chime in and give me some direction. Again, Awesome VID!

  8. Great advise! Really good advice for filming in general not just with a
    GoPro. Thanks for sharing

  9. Many thx for all the good info

  10. what was the name of that music page? :) thanks :)

  11. Great tips Jesse! I’m really new to GoPro. I’m a scubadiver and I got my
    GoProHero3+ Black like yours for Christmas. But it’s winter and I’m nowhere
    and notime around scubadiving (sob!!) I’m not an xtreme sports girl either
    (just wannabee soon!) So I’m looking around for inspirations on how to use
    my camera. Thanks for your tips – I’ve been taking down notes! :-)

  12. I just love the way Americans explain things .

  13. Hey Man, It’s hard to make out what you are saying because of the damn

  14. y does everybody ruin vids w music. I cant hear or concentrate. cut the
    tunes dude.

  15. Sublime and then atmosphere?! Whaaaaa. Really digging your taste man lol 

  16. Awesome advice! Quick ? What kind of computer do you use for video and
    picture editing? 

  17. Good tip video I shared it

  18. Thank you so much, this helps alot. Ive never knew about the 120 fps
    because i always use 1080p and assumed that 60 fps is the most. 

  19. What in the aquarium? I have a bearded dragon. 

  20. I agree w/ James dude seriously we don’t need to hear music when we’re
    trying to hear YOU!

  21. any way to fix the way too low -30db hero4 audio level?

  22. Thank you Jesse for the great tips! Where can I download or get the cool
    music you just played here?

  23. Can you review my videos *not on your video* but like in my comment section
    and tell me what I’m doing wrong because they suck and I want to improve my
    footage and editing skills. I would really appreciate it. Thanks :)

  24. What updating software do you use?

  25. Thank you for covering the royalty free music part!

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