Beginners Guide To Setting Up And Using The GoPro Hero 3 & 3+

A complete beginners guide to setting up and starting to use your new GoPro Hero 3 or 3+ camera!!
Also includes some tips & tricks for the more advanced users!

Intro – 0:00
Hero 3/3+ Housing – 0:33
Housing Back Doors – 1:39
Changing Back Doors – 2:00
Housing Housekeeping – 2:40
Camera Setup – 3:22
Inserting the Battery – 3:48
Charging the Battery – 4:13
Inserting a Memory Card – 4:37
Switching On – 4:55
LCD Screen – 5:11
Choosing Shooting Modes – 5:49
The Shutter Button – 6:32
WiFi – 7:25
LED Status – 8:21
Switching Off – 8:34
Viewing Captured Footage – 9:23
Updating Firmware – 9:59
Final Words – 10:28

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25 thoughts on “Beginners Guide To Setting Up And Using The GoPro Hero 3 & 3+

  1. Part 2 covering the setup/options menus coming soon!

  2. If with the battery BacPac attached on, which microsd size do you prefer? a
    32GB or 64GB? Thinking of getting more space with 64GB, but is it worth it?
    Or getting a 32GB microsd card should be more than enough? #frustrated 

  3. Great and helpful video! Can i ask, im waiting on a Go Pro Hero 3+ Silver
    to be delivered, but do you have to connect it to the computer to update it
    before use like on some of the other Go Pros, and secondly, what micro sd
    card would be suitable with the Hero 3+ Silver? Regards. 

  4. Loved the video, I got a issue with my hero3+ silver, I record normall, but
    when I go to the archive, there is no way I can view what I’ve recorded,
    its like corrupted :(

  5. Great video. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

  6. Very helpful video. I am challenged (!) when it comes to learning new
    technology and this video made it painless. I look forward to the next
    series of videos. Thank you!

  7. I have my new Hero3plus connected to my computer , no LED lights are on and
    I cannot access any of the various modes by repeatedly pressing the power
    button. The screen simply stays on the video mode and the moving charging
    bars at the bottom . What is the problem?

  8. Have you cover the settings for low light movies? If so, may I please have
    the link.


  9. And your info for the GoPro “3” ????? NOT here! Change you Video
    description Mate. A waste of time……

  10. I found this video to be very helpful, thank you for posting it. You can
    count me as a new subscriber.

  11. I paired the camera with the W-fi remote but when I press the W-fi power
    button the camera does’t come on. However, the W-fi remote and camera do
    communicate after I manually turned on the camera W-fi. 

  12. I’m getting one for paintball 

  13. Excellent video + very informative. I purchased a Go Pro Hero 3 white a few
    months ago. I download the Go Pro App to my Samsung Galaxie 4. I followed
    the instructions, placed both devices very close together, the phone app
    started to search for device, however the app keeps telling me “cannot
    connect, no devise found. What’s the problem? I read some reviews from
    people with the Go Pro app, the ratings are very poor to say the least,
    must if not all say that the APP is not good, the APP is free tough. Please
    advise. Thanks

  14. Thanks, very useful! 

  15. When I play back what i have filmed, it shows 12 mins sections of the
    video, can I record 1 continuous video

  16. Does the back doors come with these devices?

  17. Beginners Guide to Setting Up and Using the GoPro Hero 3 & 3+

    #Kmtake #Gopro

  18. great help , thanks

  19. I have a copy snapp cam4002

  20. Very useful to someone like me who’s looking for one & is new to Gopro.

  21. Will a pny micro as card work?

  22. so i’ve just purchased a gopro 3 white edition. video quality is not that
    good at all. is it that i haven’t got the correct memory card for it and
    that is why the video quality is bad?

  23. Thanks for the quick setup tutorial. Just wondering if the gopro cameras
    will let you route live video to an external monitor, or if it just allows
    playback of recorded vide?

  24. Is a sandisk ultra plus good?

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