5 Best Funny Minecraft Animations! [HD]

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Original videos:

5: (

9 thoughts on “5 Best Funny Minecraft Animations! [HD]

  1. New videos will be coming soon :D ! There was an error on my PC so I
    couldn’t make any but now it’s fixed so expect more videos :3

  2. At 1:39 I have a truly danced to that song

  3. The last one was not the best it was just plain stupid

  4. This was so funny XD

  5. the tapdancing one should be bagpipes not a violin

  6. 7:09 did any one notice the driving helicopter on the road?

  7. Would have been a great Show for Minecraft on T.V

  8. +GeruloGaming Hey,Gerulo did you know
    Everyone loves Witch Encounter D:

  9. I’m surprised your top 5 hasn’t gotten taken down yet. Mine had nearly 2
    mil views and then got taken down ;-;

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